Middle School Curriculum

grades 5- 8

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All students have 40 minute art periods in each of the four middle school years. The curriculum is organized into a four year rotating schedule, designed to build on skills introduced earlier and offer students a variety of art experiences through many different media. There are opportunities for students to have additional art experiences through integrated units of study when teachers collaborate with houses to develop thematic projects.


Year 1

Expressive Drawing: Gesture, contour, and perspective skills are taught and practiced.

Kinetic sculpture: Students design and create a kinetic piece from wire and other materials that expresses movement or character.


Year 2

Plaster Subtractive Sculpture: Students design and create sculptures plaster.

Silk Painting: Students design an image and transfer it to a round silk hoop using the Gutta resist  technique and fabric dye. Dada, Surrealism and Fantasy are taught and students create a collage using digital images, magazine pictures, hand drawn elements, and color.


Year 3

Painting: Value scale, color mixing, and composition are studied using watercolors and/or acrylics.

Architecture: Students study architectural elements and Vermont styles and create a clay building façade using slab construction.


Year 4

Scratchboard (5/6): Texture and pattern are studied and incorporated into a composition.

Chiaroscuro Drawing (7/8): Study of light and shadow used to create the illusion of depth and realism.

Relief Printing: Students design an image using line, shape, texture, and pattern, cut the design into

an E-Z Cut block and make multiple printed images using a variety of techniques.


Last Modified on August 25, 2015